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primum non nocere sans documentum ([personal profile] delight) wrote 2016-08-16 10:09 pm (UTC)

We actually had nothing to do with each other irt: Milliways, we basically never intersected. Which considering neither of us have good memories associated with that particular game, is probably a good thing. (Nothing against the game in theory, we were just both on the wrong end of some -- again, unrelated -- uncomfortable OOC situations.) Met in a different game, No Man's Land. At probably around the same time as Milliways, circa 2005. And we got close in a third game, Dirty Life. I have immensely fond memories of both of THOSE games, as does he. (There was some bad shit at the end of NML's run that, again, did not involve me at all, but he was mixed up in being on what he now knows was the wrong side of someone else's drama, so there is some bittersweet sadness there, but no regrets.)

Met at least once, possibly twice in person before being a couple was a thing that even came up. And I'm asexual and resistant to emotional connections, so getting me into coupledom took a lot of work. :) Pursuing and visits and driving four hours to get my suicidal ass to eat. But hey, literally saving my life goes a long way! Been together for about a decade, lived together for eight and a half years after I was supposed to stay for a couple of months while homeless. It's been a VERY long couple of months, and we've moved together three times, we now both live with my mom …

No idea what else to say! Happy to answer anything, though it may be more suited to PM depending on the question. I really am an open book but I am The Worst at explaining things.

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