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I still believe in summer days ([personal profile] lone_lilly) wrote in [personal profile] delight 2016-08-17 02:23 am (UTC)

This is enough! Thank you for answering! I always wondered, because I remember talking and playing with both of y'all back in the day, but was pretty certain you weren't together then.

Also, I have mixed feelings about MWays but it's a relief to know that other people came out of there with some issues with OOC things. I'm grateful for some of the people I met (those of you I'm still friends with today), but I don't really look back at my time in MWays as a positive experience because of some of the OOC stuff I witnessed/was subjected to.

Also, also, one day I might pick your brain on being asexual in a relationship, if you're willing to talk about it. It's a label I've only recently began understanding about myself and I'm still boggling about it in my head right now. ONE DAY, I'll be ready to write about it in my journal. I hope.:^/

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