delight: skeleton (rib-centric) with doodled wings (angel of death)
primum non nocere sans documentum ([personal profile] delight) wrote2017-04-09 10:11 pm

A brief post because I keep forgetting to post!

I'll be putting my name into all the new circling memes eventually, right now I just want to say this project is due in its final form on April 13th and currently ...

14040 / 60000 (23.40%)

Yeah, that's where I've been. But I do have the cover, and it is lovely.

I'm also, you know, still working 60 hour weeks plus grad school. There's that, too. I am always reading. Tomorrow I have to get this manuscript up to a lot more written, and lovingly tug on my editors (who are getting installments) to do a lot more edit in order to do the perfect cover justice.

I also keep meaning to reset my DW layout to another one I've had saved, and have been meaning to do that every day for, like, 2 months.

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