Apr. 28th, 2016

delight: (awesome)
So in a couple of hours I have a job interview, and I would really like it to have happened already, without having to be part of it happening. I actually had to mess with my meds today to make sure I wouldn't be physically shaking.

This is actually a second interview, and I did well enough on the first to get a second – but was told I was something of an anomaly in that once I admitted that since applying (3 months ago ... medical system HR is notoriously slow, my hospital-oriented family thought that sounded pretty fast) I'd been accepted to a graduate program that was all evening classes, I should have been counted out because my availability didn't meet their needs. I can't do four 8am-8pm shifts a week if I have to leave at 3 to get to class, after all.

But for one reason or another, and I never got the exact reason why, they decided to get me a second interview with the practice manager and medical director anyway. "Maybe head office can work with you," said Phone Interviewer.

I suppose this means I shouldn't be that nervous, because it probably means that I'm a good enough fit that they only wouldn't hire me because of the availability issue, but ... I'm autistic, I hate talking about myself, I hate eye contact, and I really want this to work out in that I can have this job and have school and still have time to breathe and not mess one up in favor of the other. Also, my luck necklace doesn't match my outfit in the slightest but it's hiding under my shirt because I'm afraid to not have it.

Aaand I'm not sure how to conclude this post so I'm just calling it over.
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