delight: <user name=colorvary> (sunshine scarf)
primum non nocere sans documentum ([personal profile] delight) wrote2017-01-03 09:35 am

The importing/deleting dance

I'm not deleting anything off LJ, because it's just too tiring, but I have been importing old creative content I care about to DW just in case it gets removed, so I have it somewhere. I'd never bothered to, just because it was already online and it was all old ...

I haven't actually used LJ since 2009; shortly before I moved to DW was when I mostly stopped being able to read the site, as the layout gave me migraines. So really, not a change, just some additional import hoops and hoping I don't forget anything.

Maybe the 5 people I know who still post only at LJ will finally be somewhere I can read them. :) Maybe my feed will get bigger, since there's a circling meme afoot:

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