delight: (don't want to talk about reasons)
primum non nocere sans documentum ([personal profile] delight) wrote2016-12-12 11:40 am

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This assignment is driving me up the wall. It's taking forever to finish, I have abbreviations in my notes I can't remember what they mean, and I want to be done writing medical journal critiques so I can move on with my life to end-of-semester projects I care about more.

Like the 20 page one that i now have a day and a half to write because of this one.

I work great under pressure, don't get me wrong, but this is incredibly frustrating. Especially when I have inadequate brain meds because of my inability to get a psychiatrist appointment. Which is not the same thing as getting a psychiatrist -- technically, I belong to a clinic, but their hours and my hours don't correspond so whenever they have the appointment line open I can't call.

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