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primum non nocere sans documentum ([personal profile] delight) wrote2017-05-08 10:07 pm

A research break I shouldn't be taking: Music Monday

I keep seeing people doing this meme, and I keep really wanting to do it, and then not doing it. I am now making myself do it. Hat tip to [personal profile] hitokage for format and the questions.

1. A song with a color in the title
Blue Condition
Artist: Cream
Album: Disraeli Gears, 1967

Everything on Disraeli Gears is attached to Dad in my head, but in ways where listening to it makes me feel good about him and his existence rather than just sad and lonely.

Here is a youtube link, because embeds and I don't get along.

2. A song with a number in the title
3. A song that reminds you of summer
4. A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget about
5. A song that needs to be played LOUD
6. A song that makes you want to dance
7. A song to drive to
8. A song about drugs or alcohol
9. A song that makes you happy
10. A song that makes you sad
11. A song that you never get tired of
12. A song from your pre-teen years
13. One of your favorite 70's songs
14. A song that you would love played at your wedding
15. A song that is a cover by another artist
16. One of your favorite classical songs
17. A song that you would sing as a duet on karaoke
18. A song from the year you were born
19. A song that makes you think about life
20. A song that has many meanings for you
21. A favorite song with a person's name in the title
22. A song that moves you forward
23. A song you think everybody should listen to
24. A song by a band you wish were still together
25. A song by an artist no longer living
26. A song that makes you want to fall in love
27. A song that breaks your heart
28. A song by an artist with a voice you love
29. A song you remember from your childhood
30. A song that reminds you of yourself