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I keep seeing people doing this meme, and I keep really wanting to do it, and then not doing it. I am now making myself do it. Hat tip to [personal profile] hitokage for format and the questions.

1. A song with a color in the title
Blue Condition
Artist: Cream
Album: Disraeli Gears, 1967

Everything on Disraeli Gears is attached to Dad in my head, but in ways where listening to it makes me feel good about him and his existence rather than just sad and lonely.

Here is a youtube link, because embeds and I don't get along.

The rest of the questions. )
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This update is happening not even from having my computer fully booted up; it has the Linux-based HP Quickweb, and that's all I have time for (I still need to get on my dad's computer to get my Dirty Life stories to function and to do some research on some medical stuff that won't load on a netbook either) but I really just needed to post stuff so I had a record of it. Especially one thing, which is not the first thing.

1. American Idiot! It was spectacular, as were our seats, and I was really impressed at how they even made the two Green Day songs I do not like (Wake Me Up When September Ends & Good Riddance, both of which I liked and then got annoyed by) a wonderful experience to listen to. The end really made me sadder than I expected, because I was prepared for it, but as I hadn't known the words to "Whatsername" in advance ... Also, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" in acoustic is really beautiful. And, uh. "When It's Time." Just. Yeah.

2. Successfully got presents for: [ profile] chimbleysweep, my dad. Completely failed to get anything for: [personal profile] distractionary, [personal profile] zarhooie, [ profile] nehi and/or her daughter, and ourselves. But if Scout's birthday gifts are three months late, I suppose it's fitting everyone else's might be too? Except Brady still has a chance for an on-time present. (Actually, we found the perfect present for Brady until we discovered it cost $180.40.)

3. What was my third thing. I'm so tired I forgot my third thing. I know I ended up with a 2nd Avenue Deli hat! I missed it there. At least its current address is just as easy to remember, even if it isn't, you know, anywhere near 2nd Avenue.

4. And while we were there, we met this guy who asked us if we were from out of town (answer: no, he seemed pleased) and then pointed to a poster on the wall and asked us if we thought he looked like that guy. Mom and I both said yes. I said, "Is that you?" He said, "Yep." Who was he? Sid Bernstein. Normally I would operate on the assumption that everyone knows who Sid Bernstein is, but since my dad didn't even remember, here is an obligatory wiki link.

He was a little unsteady on his feet, and ended up reaching out -- instinctively, operating in Nurse Mode, out went my arm, and I helped him take a few steps. He thanked me and gave me a card for his latest act, said he'd be big someday. I hope so, because David Ippolito seems sweet and I'm sure I've seen him play a couple times. He's quite talented. Has to be to get Sid Bernstein's attention.

5. I'm sure there were other things, but the only thing I can still remember is that I lost a set of my pills, had to buy a new one (thankfully had a scrip) and the insurance decided not to cover it. Being out $300 makes it hard to pay the apartment complex their due rent in three days. So I have to call the insurance company and beg them to reimburse. I hate phones and I hate asking people for things and this is just going to be awful.

Right so I really have to go okay good talk to you all later.
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