The week ahead

Aug. 20th, 2017 09:05 pm
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Here are a few things to keep in mind, look forward to, or keep busy with this week, from the weather (well done), to the eclipse, to the fair, to outdoor movies, to music...

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People share the stupidest things they have seen drunk people do.

Many of us have been there: our better senses left behind somewhere when we became best friends with the bottle of distilled madness, and the next best idea was something we'd wake up the next morning overcome by instant regrets with. These 20 irrational boozehounds let their respective evenings get away from them, and now we get to enjoy the fine collection of their big, ruinous, smiling messes. 

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A quick recap of the week

Aug. 20th, 2017 12:00 pm
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Here are a few highlights from the past week on AOA...

+ Scenes from the Albany rally response to Charlottesville.

+ What was up in the Neighborhood this week: Five Rivers return, Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, a time capsule, Bertha Cleveland, magnificent mounds of weeds, small cities, pre-paid passes, a blue ribbon, the Clove Run, the ice cream tour, Daley's on Yates, the Dino, prudishness at the buffet, playing music, and a dolphin.

+ The fall schedule for the NYS Writers Institute visiting writers series is out.

+ Imagining possibilities for the future of Sheridan Hollow, including an interesting park idea.

+ The latest renderings for the Moynihan Train Hall, which is set to evetually replace Penn as the destination for trains from Albany-Rensselaer.

+ A few spots around the area for watching the eclipse on Monday.

And we highlighted the stories of refugees who are making their new homes in this area:

+ Finding refuge: Zina Prokofyeva, Sameerah Moharb, Sakuntala Chhetri

+ Francis Sengabo

+ Finding refuge: Olivier Mandevu

+ Finding refuge: Ni-Lar Way, Besa Paw, Christer-Say, Christer-Htoo

+ Finding refuge: Tafsela Hashimi

+ Finding refuge: Haeneypew Sey

+ Finding refuge: Amgad Abdalla

+ Finding Refuge: Niebiha

Here's the whole week in one place.

Thanks to everyone who posted a comment or shared an idea this week!

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Uber driver finds out BF is cheating when ride asks for his place while he out of town.

This is one of those situations where the universe lines up perfectly to dish out some solid karma. I mean what are the chances? I think the last thing you'd ever expect as an Uber driver is to pick up your significant others side piece from the airport and have to hand deliver them to your SO's place.

You can't help but feel for this girl as anyone who has been involved in a situation where you come to realize a loved one is lying or cheating will know the sinking, burning feeling that she describes. 

Get ready, cause this one is a trip.

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prison surprising wtf facebook texting - 1824517

Of all the wild and unexpected friend requests/random messages any social media subscriber is apt to find in their inbox, the last thing you'd expect would be a damn message from an inmate who somehow has access to a working cellular device; but alas, here we find ourselves --- deep in the pits of WTF Facebook land. The real, unavoidable question here though, is how in the hell did this dude manage to lock down a phone and get these texts off!

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