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I had surprise dental surgery yesterday and right now I'm on so many painkillers blinking is making me dizzy. But I felt like I had to post for posterity.

Blinking is making me dizzy.

But on the other hand I have nine bleeding ulcers in my mouth in addition to a healing surgical site where a nerve was removed which believe me made some of the others angry and it doesn't hurt at all.

(Since getting home last night - procedure was in the morning - I had been sticking to ibuprofen and trying not to take the narcotics. I'm seeing the error of my ways but I bet I can't attend classes like this.)
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My shoulders hurt from the amount I have to raise them to wash my hair.

I'm not sure if this is the new low, but it's pretty low.
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iPad writing app recs, anyone?

Portable paper writing capability is totally becoming a must here.
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