May. 4th, 2016

delight: basset hound on back (basic doggerel)
So today, between the hours of 6 and 12, I:

– disconnected Dad's TPN
– learned I had gotten a job
– went to Staples to scan important paperwork related to that job
found some of the other important paperwork related to that job
– and my high school diploma, which apparently they have to have on file due to state law even though they already have my university one
– started laundry
– did some cleaning of bedroom
– did dishes

I still need to:
– get the rest of the paperwork scanned
– finish the laundry (there are a few more loads)
– vacuum
– do a bunch of writing stuff I'm not going to wear myself out itemizing
– dressing change

But for now I'm taking a nap.
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