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— Lamented once again that I can't afford a paid DW or justify using credit for such a purchase until I'm actually doing better at posting regularly. Also hugely appreciating recent commenters, I am glad anyone actually still reads my drivel! I still seriously read all of yours. (This was just now, the rest of this is chronological.)

— Cleaned everything out of my car, which my parents had been using, breaking six of ten fingernails in the process. My GPS is still MIA, though we found the stand and the charger! Realized I had forgotten one of the steps in putting my back seats down. Eventually remembered it. Felt stupid.

— Took my mom, who is starting Abilify and not having the best time of it physically (huge understatement) to Home Depot so we could get a bunch of flowerpots, some potting soil and a new vacuum. This went hugely sideways quickly because the vacuum we wanted wasn't there, so we picked a different one based on what was in front of us, and the first one we got was a repackaged return. After having had multiple repackaged return things die on her in the last year, mom wanted a different one.

We went to find a different one.

Someone helped us put a different one in the cart, and then Mom fainted. AWESOME! Turns out Abilify at onset gives her really terrible vertigo. (nts: post to [community profile] fucking_meds asking for anecdata about this, because you may be taking psychopharmacology, but it always helps to get other people's experiences.) I bought her a cold drink, we got her back to the car, then I had to wait a million years1 for a lot attendant to help me get all the stuff in the car, then took her home and delayed the errands for later.

— Required paternal assistance to get the vacuum back out of the car.

— Along with dad, took out the recycling in about 5 treks down the hill in wind that resulted in styrofoam blowing away so I had to climb up an ice-covered bush in order to retrieve it.

— Did more errands; fetching things at CVS and the Meateria (gorgeous little local grocery), sending packages. Successfully managed to navigate around large bus without getting killed. Technically broke a traffic law by entering a parking lot technically sideways. Saw a very nice dog tied outside the shops!

— Rememebered to eat food.

No, weeks at my parents' are not particularly interesting, especially with dad (very, very slowly) dying, but they are at least ... something. And this is more for me wanting to remember things than expecting people to be interested in it.

1. About eight minutes.
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Year in review meme. Some of the questions thanks to [personal profile] kate, 'cause I can never edit the ones I don't like myself to come up with better ones. I've seen multiple editions of this meme the last two years -- last year, I also found one I liked better, but I didn't manage to track it down again this year. But at least this typical one has been getting some modifications all around, as there are various different mostly identical sets of questions. Even [personal profile] kate's original source was different to some of the ones I saw on my reading list, which is interesting! Meme evolution.

so this is the same one everyone else did, with some minor variations. )
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by the Day Paramedic Class, collectively aged 6 months
  1. Always make sure to check the quiz and see if there are things on the back.
  2. A Spanish guy doing interpretive dances to demonstrate arrythmias looks amazing on a really big screen, and is even better when a tall guy with a head of bushy curly hair is yelling out translations of the Spanish. (You can see the video, but not our professor, sorry.)
  3. Cold shumai is actually pretty gross. Eat it when it comes out of the microwave. Not thirty minutes later.
  4. Don't use your defibrillator in the water.
  5. Atropine and epinephrine are used for the same thing, not one for one and one for the other.
  6. NPR is sometimes relevant for stuff.
  7. Some people, in their entire EMS careers, only learn one algorithm — the asystole algorithm. Because everyone gets there eventually. But that’s not a very good way to take care of people.
  8. It’s not nice to cardiovert someone at 350 joules while they’re sitting there talking to you.
  9. Monkeys are good at CPR, but you have to teach them how to do it first.
  10. You can do a serious care critique on a scene in There's Something About Mary.
  11. If someone writes a bunch of stuff on the board, then tells you there's going to be a quiz on Tuesday, the material might be related.
  12. Parents who forget to give their children their meds get reported. If you tell the class about the case, they get reported about 30 times.
  13. The truth about morphine. (Actual slide from actual pharm lecture.)
  14. You don't write "Patient was a bum." No exceptions.
  15. There's no such thing as a Wellbutrin patch.
  16. Prostoglandins are the chemicals that say stay off your ankle, stupid!
  17. Don’t just stick a big needle in somebody’s bone for preventative purposes.
  18. When all newborns do is eat, sleep and poop, it is not a sign of a disease.
  19. Relieving pain is good, stopping breathing is bad.
  20. Adriamycin actually damages the Northway.
  21. COX-II inhibitors cause heart damage. Damn.
  22. That's French, it's not Latin. Unless it is.
  23. Medtronic makes music videos.
  24. It's possible to overdose on eyedrops.
  25. Your protocol manual is not a cookbook.
  26. Kids are, like, 80% swimming pools.
  27. Using a rectal suppository in your ear is just not going to cut it.
  28. The paperwork for breaking your patient’s leg when you drop him on the floor is just adding to the hassle when you started out on a cardiac call.
  29. Don't tell people that if they knew what they were doing they wouldn't be working at whatever assisted living facility you're at.
  30. The three most common places to find people's medications are the lazy susan in the center of the kitchen table, the table by the lounge chair the patient sits in all the time, or in the kitchen window where they get lots of bright, bright sun.
  31. That last option is extremely stupid.
  32. You don't say 'Epocrates crapped out,' you say 'a communication error occurred.'
  33. If one person has an Oreo, everyone has an Oreo.
  34. Before 1906, the United States was walking around totally narcolized.
  35. You don't cut open a down jacket in the back of an ambulance.
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