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Vague hodgepodge collection. I am nothing if not terrible at updating, but I also enjoy talking into a void so to speak. I did make a new Tumblr account because I have a lot of friends who are only there, but Tumblr is a very scary void. I have an Imzy acount, which I'm loving, but it doesn't seem like the best place for this kind of stuff? I would love recommendations to good Imzy comms, though, if anyone has one! I made /publichealth with my more-comfortable-shared-with-RL pseud (because that's going to get shared with offline people, I'm sure) but so far it is just me spewing news links whenever I see 'em. Totally open to non-PH professionals, though!

Anyway, the rest of my generally-unrelated things:
– School officially started on the 25th, but my first on-campus class is the 29th. I work from 8-4, which requires leaving my house at 6:30, and then have to be on campus by 5. Which means walking over and taking the 3 train, which usually takes about half an hour, and hoping I have time to change out of my scrubs and am not late for my first class of the program ever.

– Hanging out in the hospice, where there's one specific tension-y thing going on but is otherwise okay. My mom just suddenly got the flu (?! though we've seen a couple of cases at work, I guess it's just early this year) so I'm here instead of working. Dad has been unresponsive for about a week, I think. I can't remember the last conversation we had, and I'm actually glad of that because I don't want to focus on it. His blood pressure right now is 79/47. His birthday is tomorrow, so we're hoping he dies tomorrow, because we're horrid people who like symmetry (also he's turning 66) and we also want him to stop hurting.

– I didn't have the flu, but I did have pleurisy and a sinus infection. Now I have this really horrid, disgusting remnant cough but am not actually sick anymore. No symptoms and I feel completely fine ... except that I'm always coughing in front of patients and having to apologize to them and explain I'm not sick.

– Sideline of speaking-of-dad, this happened. We're completely floored. So many people are coming together, and now that is definitely happening.

– Painted my nails for my co-worker's birthday party tonight (also, I have co-workers who invite me to birthday parties? it's a chef's table, very fancy sort of deal, and I'm missing my best eyeshadow brush) and one of my fingernails just broke right off. Like, the entire thing. It's broken past the quick. Poor ugly pinky.

– ... and this post was abruptly interrupted because someone came in the room and brought in a box! And inside the box was a gift from my dad's two closest co-workers, containing a flower arrangement that looks just like the banana creme birthday cake with raspberry frosting they gave him a few years ago. Complete with real rose to mimic the icing rose!
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So in a couple of hours I have a job interview, and I would really like it to have happened already, without having to be part of it happening. I actually had to mess with my meds today to make sure I wouldn't be physically shaking.

This is actually a second interview, and I did well enough on the first to get a second – but was told I was something of an anomaly in that once I admitted that since applying (3 months ago ... medical system HR is notoriously slow, my hospital-oriented family thought that sounded pretty fast) I'd been accepted to a graduate program that was all evening classes, I should have been counted out because my availability didn't meet their needs. I can't do four 8am-8pm shifts a week if I have to leave at 3 to get to class, after all.

But for one reason or another, and I never got the exact reason why, they decided to get me a second interview with the practice manager and medical director anyway. "Maybe head office can work with you," said Phone Interviewer.

I suppose this means I shouldn't be that nervous, because it probably means that I'm a good enough fit that they only wouldn't hire me because of the availability issue, but ... I'm autistic, I hate talking about myself, I hate eye contact, and I really want this to work out in that I can have this job and have school and still have time to breathe and not mess one up in favor of the other. Also, my luck necklace doesn't match my outfit in the slightest but it's hiding under my shirt because I'm afraid to not have it.

Aaand I'm not sure how to conclude this post so I'm just calling it over.
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I'm reading a book series now (I only meant to read the first one, but got sucked in, goodbye money) where the main character's dog, a character in her own right, is named Keiki.

And despite knowing the dog is named after the plant, because like me the protagonist keeps orchids, I can't help but think of [personal profile] nanila and her little boy.

In other news, I'm going to the new students' social tonight for grad school, and am just like ... I am the most socially awkward person on the planet, how terribly is this going to go?
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